Accountability (or about the art of getting things done)

I work alone. I have nobody around me.

Do I get things done?

Sometimes, I do. I mean I must cook and eat.

Sometimes, I don’t. I tell myself how tired I am. (BS. It is just entitlement)

Why is that?

What is missing?

I think it is a lack of accountability.

While I tell myself about the different things I must accomplish in a day, the fact is that many times, it does not happen because I know there is body to tell me what to do and when to do it. There are certain deadlines, but I play with them and procrastinate instead of finishing the same day.

Accountability is essential, especially if I lack the discipline to get things done.

A friend can help.

A coach can help.

A member of the family can help.

The question, do I want to get help or that support? Or, will I continue findings ways around to procrastinate and stop from making things happen?

Let’s discuss tomorrow!

Photo by Andrea Tummons on Unsplash

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