Is your product or service satisfying affiliation?

Yes, affiliation is our willingness to belong.

We want to be part of the team or the group because that would make us feel secure at times, that may also give us the chance to probe how good we are.

Some products or services focus on affiliation as the most important component they may have. Think for a minute! We see early adopters taking risks and while those early risks become mainstream, we see the beginning of change in culture. More and more people join what early adopters had already embraced as something that may make improve the condition of the group.

We see this phenomenon repeatedly. We saw it when people started using Apple products, for example. At the early days, it was a small group who believed in the brand, now millions use their products. The same applies to Bitcoin, when it started only few people wanted to take the risk and buy it. Now, more people see Bitcoin as a viable investment and have taken action to make it mainstream. These examples may have started as products to serve domination, however, throughout the years they fulfill affiliation.

As we see success stories, we also see the ones that did not make it but that does not mean that the ones pushing for change gave up.

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