An idea to differentiate language schools

How do you differentiate your school when there are so many language schools in the same city?

One of the points is that language centers must research what students want before thinking about what to offer. Unfortunately, the process in most of the cases go in the opposite side. Language schools think about the services they have and start promoting those services not realizing that their competitors are just doing the same. This system where the language centers program goes before the client’s needs does not help to create a differentiator.

The only differentiator at times is the prices. Language schools must look at other ways to differentiate for example, they can always trust methodology as a great tool to differentiate themselves from other centers. For example, if many language centers in the city are following the grammar translation method, it would be a great idea that some of those centers thought about delivering their lessons by using a communicative approach. In this way, students would start feeling the difference and that difference will be the trigger to start spreading the word to other people about why that language center is different.

The issue is that many languages centers are not willing to do the homework. In other words, they do not want to take the time and make the effort to do things differently but if they did, a lot of people would come to them. A choice.

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