Traveling around the world (or about living without a road map)

I love traveling; however, I do not usually plan my trips. If I do not know where I really want to go, it is difficult to get there. Have I visited many places? Well, yes. I have visited many countries, but while some have always been in mind as dream destinations, most countries have not.

Is it good? It is not really about criticizing the effort and the fact that I am trying to leave my sofa; the point is that when this kind of behavior happens, I can translate this to other aspects of my life. This behavioral example is with traveling, but the same applies to work, study, or reading. I may be doing a lot but without intention.

Then, it is when I should ask myself for the purpose of the actions I take every day. If I am waking up early, why is that? Is this something I have been doing for many years for a specific reason? If so, why did I decide to do so? Moreover, when awake, what do I with my time? One day, I may open the computer, start reading, or turn on the TV to watch the news; again, I am doing things without a destination and time to reflect on my behavior and the WHY.

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